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04 October 2019  

2019 Film Releases
All dates are subject to change.


October 4, 2019
October 11, 2019
November 1, 2019
November 1, 2019
November 8, 2019
November 22, 2019
November 27, 2019
December 20, 2019

70th Michigan Antiquarian Book And Paper Show
Sunday, October 20, 2019
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Antiquarian Book & Paper Show is the largest book and paper show in the Midwest, averaging over 70 exhibitors and one million old, rare, and collectible book and paper items for sale.
Where you find things you always wanted but never knew existed!

Causeway Bay Hotel
6820 South Cedar Street
Lansing, Michigan

 Free Parking!

West of Lowe's Home Improvement

Admission $5

Adventure House

Adventure House is pleased to announce that Adventure House has acquired a number of the Girasol Collectables reprint files.
They will be releasing on a monthly basis a number of their public domain titles as part of our monthly offerings.

September 2019
GOLDEN FLEECE – 11/38 - Now available!
SAUCY MOVIE TALES – 01/36 - Now available!

August 2019
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES – 07/35  - Now available!
SPICY-ADVENTURE STORIES – 01/35  - Now available!

July 2019
Oriental Stories – 12/30-01/31  - Now available!
Spicy Detective Stories – 06/34 - Now available!

June 2019
Strange Tales – 09/31 - Now available!
Magic Carpet Magazine – 04/33 - Now available!

Adventure House
Now available!

High Adventure #167

The Strato-Shooters by H. Bedford-JonesPharaoh Figured Wrong The Fifth Freedom The One-Handed Siberian Ice Cave and more.

7x10, 110 pages, $12.95

Age of Aces
Now available!

Through the dark night sky, streaking swiftly with their Hisso engines thundering, is the greatest trio of aces on the Western Front—the famous and inseparable “Three Mosquitoes,” the mightiest flying combination that had ever blazed its way through overwhelming odds and laughed to tell of it! At point was Captain Kirby, impetuous young leader of the great trio; on his right was little Lieutenant “Shorty” Carn, the mild-eyed, corpulent little Mosquito and lanky Lieutenant Travis, eldest and wisest of the Mosquitoes on his left! Flying in a V formation through four exciting hell-bent tales from the pages of Popular Publication’s Battle Aces.

Stories Include: The X-Gun Flight (Jan 32), The Iron Ace (Feb 32), The Flying Dreadnought (Jun 32), The 20-Ace Patrol (Jul 32). All illustrated by John Fleming Gould

Captain Philip Strange is back in eight more weird WWI stories spanning the run of the series in the penultimate volume of this series. A mental marvel from birth, who used his talents on stage as a boy, Philip Strange is now known as “The Phantom Ace of G-2? by the Allies during WWI and the verdamntBrain-Devil by the Boche. Just when you thought there were no more ways to die in war, the Germans come up with some even more gruesome ways! if you’re not just being incinerated by the sun’s ray focused through enormous lenses, you’re being gassed with a horribly disfiguring plague; drowned in a sea of blood or injected with a serum that turns you into a hyped up fighting hellion until you keel over dead; maybe you’ll be lucky and just have your own munitions blow up your entire outfit, or simply have your head chopped off and mounted on some psychotic ace’s wings. Thankfully, we have have Captain Philip Strange on our side to stop them in eight of his strangest cases yet from the pages of Flying Aces magazine!

Stories Include: The Code of K-14 (Feb 32), The Masked Marauders (Mar 33), The Sky Torch (Apr 33), Marauders Without Mercy (Oct 33), Legion of the Lost (Aug 34), Valley of Vengeance (Jun 35), Fokkers of the Red Fog (Aug 37), Headsman Strafe (Feb 38).

Age of Aces

Altus Press / Steeger Books: Pulp Blog - Now online!

Farewell Altus Press, Hello Steeger Books

Announcing the new Altus Press releases premiering at Pulpfest 2019
Announcing the new Altus Press releases premiering at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Show
More Pulp Releases: The Spider #4 and Dusty Ayres #11… At a Discount
More Pulp Releases: The Spider #3 and Operator 5 #2

Altus Press / Steeger Books
Now available!

We’re releasing two Popular Publications Hero Pulp titles every other week, and that’s on top of our other forthcoming pulp titles!
Yes, we’ve been busy preparing a few million words of pulp prose for release, and it continues with these new releases.

Domestic orders of $35 of softcovers gives you free shipping. So what's the hold-up? Order now from steegerbooks.com.

The Spider #17: The Pain Emperor
By Norvell W. Page, writing as Grant Stockbridge

In a hundred thousand homes, families sat down together at the supper table. A few hours later, those persons were dead—killed by poison in canned foods! Thousands of women used cosmetics, and acid made their faces forever hideously scarred. A master criminal, daring and clever, was ruthlessly slaughtering Americans to win immense illicit profits for himself. Only one man was powerful enough and wise enough to stop this wholesale murder—Richard Wentworth, champion of oppressed humanity, better known as the Spider. And the Spider was engaged in the bitterest battle of his career, fighting the Avenger, a false, wily crusader who was determined to destroy him!

$13.95 softcover
On sale for $12.95

Operator 5 #9: Legions of Starvation
By Curtis Steele, Frederick C. Davis, John Fleming Gould, John Newton Howitt

Speeding through the silent blackness of the night, a long freight-train was laden with a cargo more precious than fine gold—wheat! Then suddenly, the hirelings of Apocryphos unleashed red destruction, and the great machine lay wrecked, its cars of priceless grain afire… Another blow in the ruthless campaign that was driving a proud people, whimpering, to slavery—overwhelmed by the cruel pangs of hunger! The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, thundered sharp-hoofed over the sterile reaches of a famine-wasted continent, while only one man—Operator 5—realized the ghastly extent of the diabolical plot. And only he—America’s undercover ace—could hope to bring the canny schemer to the justice he deserved—death!

$13.95 softcover
On sale for $12.95

Steeger Books

Altus Press / Steeger Books
Joseph T. Shaw: The Man Behind Black Mask
by Milton Shaw

Coming in late November!

Joseph T. “Cap” Shaw enjoyed several distinguished careers—military man and champion fencer, among them—before he assumed the editorial chair of the most significant fiction magazine since The Strand gave the world the immortal Sherlock Holmes.

Between 1926 and 1936, Shaw edited Black Mask magazine. The pioneering first stories of Carroll John Daly and Dashiell Hammett had just begun to appear in its pages. Shaw recognized in their hard-boiled treatment of the American crime story the potential for a new literary school. Working closely with his hand-picked writers, he pulled the magazine back from the brink of cancellation, and transformed the staid detective story into a vigorous and modern genre, discovering and championing important inheritors of this new tradition, among them, Raymond Chandler.

But there is more to Joe Shaw than his editorial career. Here, in the first biography ever written of this editorial giant, his son relates the full fascinating story of the man behind the revolutionary editorial persona….

318 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

American Mythology Productions 
Arriving in comic shops October 9!

(Writer) Jason Pell (Art/Cover) Puis Calzada

The sea holds many dark secrets, but when the horrors of the deep invade the surface realm, only Zorro stands between them and the grueling future of the risen old gods!
Swashbuckling adventure meets Lovecraftian terror in a series that pits Zorro against the unrelenting hordes of Cthulhu.

Zorro Rise of the Old Gods #2 is available with two covers - Main Cover by Puis Calzada and a Limited Edition 1/350 Pulp cover also by Calzada!

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Full Color, 32 pages, $9.99 (Limited edition).

American Mythology Productions
Arriving in comic shops October 9!

(Writer) James Kuhoric

Celebrate Zorro’s centennial with a massive collector’s tome of riches including rare art from Zorro pulp publications, film, television, comics, animation, and pop culture! The Mark of Zorro 100 Years of the Masked Avenger is a beautifully crafted love letter to the storied history of one of the most enduring heroes ever to grace popular culture. Zorro rides again with a wonderful collected edition celebrating the rich history and current exploits of Johnston McCulley iconic hero. From his inception in 1919 to the thriving fan following in 2019, this volume treats readers to a reverent romp through a century of masked heroics. This edition collects the best artwork,  film images, and more from the past 100 years of Zorro fandom in one wonderful volume that is perfect for the holiday gift giving season. This is a must-have for hardcore and casual fans of Zorro!

Hardcover, 224 pages, Full Color, SRP: $39.99, On sale October 2.

A must-have for the Zorro fan! This limited-edition hardcover comes with an exclusive foil emblazoned dust jacket, die-cut with Zorro’s trademark “Z” to reveal a visual history of Zorro on the cover beneath! The cover itself is an amazing collage of classic comic book and pulp cover art that celebrates the enduring heart and legend of Zorro. Other special features of this edition include a frameable 8” x 10” reproduction of rare classic Zorro art, perfect for framing, exclusive digital download codes for the original Zorro novel, “The Curse of Capistrano” by Johnston McCulley, and a download of the original Zorro film, “The Mark of Zorro,” featuring Douglas Fairbanks!  Celebrate Zorro’s centennial with a massive collector’s tome of riches including rare art from Zorro pulp publications, film, television, comics, animation, and pop culture! The Mark of Zorro 100 Years of the Masked Avenger is a beautifully crafted love letter to the storied history of one of the most enduring heroes ever to grace popular culture. Zorro rides again with a wonderful collected edition celebrating the rich history and current exploits of Johnston McCulley’s iconic hero. From his inception in 1919 to the thriving fan following in 2019, this volume treats readers to a reverent romp through a century of masked heroics. This edition is perfect for new and old Zorro fans and is arriving in October for the holiday gift giving season.

Hardcover, 224 pages, Full Color, SRP: $69.99

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books
Just printed and coming soon to online retailers and comic shops!
Expected to arrive in comic shops October 16 or 23!

THE SHADOW Volume 145: The Crime Cult” & “The Taiwan Joss
The Master of Darkness investigates mysteries from the mystic East in exotic pulp thrillers by Walter B. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant." First, grotesque murder marks left on the foreheads of victims set The Shadow on the trail of Charn and his deadly “Crime Cult.” Then, hidden messages from an abducted newspaper columnist lead the shadowy Ying Ko to modern-day pirates and “The Taiwan Joss." BONUS: The Whisperer investigates "The Ghost of Lin San Fu." This collector’s special showcases the classic color covers by George Rozen and Modest Stein and the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Paul Orban, with historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. (Sanctum Books) 978-1-60877-263-6 Softcover, 7x10, 112 pages, B&W, $14.95

Anthony Tollin, P.O. Box 761474, San Antonio, TX 78245-1474
1 book: $14.95 plus $3.00 (First Class) or $2 (Media Mail) for postage and packaging
2 books: $29.90 (cover price) First Class postpaid
Six issues for $84 (first class) or $78 (media mail) [postpaid]
Check, Money Order, or Paypal (orders@shadowsanctum.com)

Art's Reviews Podcasts! - Now online!

Nothing new this week.
Past episodes:
Award Winning author Gordon Dymowski discusses his work
Dorian Gray: Darker Shades from Wild Hunt Press
"A Good Man Returns" a Jeff Deischer espionage novel
Airship 27 Update with Ron Fortier and Rob Davis
Audible versions of Bobby Nash's "Abraham Snow" Series with Voice actor Stuart Gauffi

Asgard Press

Now available!

Wall Calendar, 11x15, Full Color   
SRP: $16.95

Beb Books
Now available!
Beb Books has been on hiatus for too long.
Since it was always more a labor of love than a business I have decided to post new and old stories to a file storage site and let you download for free.

Charles Cloukey was only 16 when his first science fiction story was published and 19 when he died. In that short time he wrote eight short stories and one novel. Among his short stories are the classics "Anachronism" about the effort of a time traveler to avoid his fated death and "Sub-Satellite" where a stray bullet fired on the moon kills its shooter. Cloukey's novel "The Swordsman of Sarvon" is a science-fantasy set on Venus where a lone swordsman is the only hope tp stop an invasion of Earth. All these stories have been collected into one ePub, free for you to download and enjoy.


Perhaps the most original of the many imitations of Tazan is Polaris of the Snows by Charles B. Stilson. Where Tarzan was raised in the jungles of Africa, Polaris grew up on the ice floes of Antarctica. When his father dies Polaris is charged with returning to America with news of his father's researches. Along the way he meets a beautiful girl, scoundrel and a lost colony from Ancient Greece. Free to download and joy at:


So successful was Polaris that Stilson was invited to write a sequel. In Minos of Sardanes Polaris must rush back to Antarctica to rescue the people of Sardanes before erupting volanoes threaten to bury the land under lava. Free to download and joy at:


The saga of Polaris comes to a close in "Polaris and the Goddess Glorian" where the survivors of "Minos of Sardanes" are shipwrecked on the island of Alantis and find themselves in the middle of a war between Militants bent on world conquest and Traditionalists who believe Atlantis should leave the rest of the world along. This is an epic adventure, easily the best in the series. And it's free to download and enjoy here:


Beb Books will be  back soon with more works of early science fiction, fantasy and adventure.
These books are also available in print. Write me at beb01@sprynet.com  for pricing.

Black Coat Press
New titles now available!

by Brian Stableford
cover by Daniele Serra

Paul Furneret, a young artist working in Paris in 1901, is invited to attend a séance at Camille Flammarion’s observatory after having participated in an experiment in “automatic drawing” at another séance a week earlier, in which he drew a picture, while unconscious under hypnosis, of a young woman recognized by one of the participants as his dead daughter.

Paul’s friend, Victor Marvaud, is unable to accompany him, as arranged, because a ship carrying another of their friends, Gaston Lambrunet, has struck a rock in the Channel, and although all the passengers have been put into lifeboats, the one containing Gaston’s mother and sister has not yet reached land. Victor insists however, that Flammarion’s séance is too important for him to miss, and, in order to make sure that he gets there, has asked his physician, Antoine Cros, to take Paul to the observatory in his stead.

The skeptical Cros is also escorting the writer Jane de La Vaudère, who has previously taken part in Flammarion’s experiments, and the two of them provide Paul with a great deal of food for thought on the journey. Their contrasted perspectives become all the more significant when Paul, hypnotized by a “magnetizer” named Madame Zosima, produces four images, including one of Gaston’s sister, whose lifeboat still has not landed yet, Dr. Cros’s late brother Charles, and a woman tentatively identified as Jane’s long-dead mother.

Cros tries hard to provide a naturalistic explanations of what Paul has done, but the uncertainty as to the fate of the lifeboat turns Paul’s artwork and its apparent supernatural nature into headline news, spurring the participants in the séance to meet up again in Dr. Cros’s house the following night in order to discuss the implications of Paul’s seeming ability to draw the dead, albeit unconsciously.

A second experiment produces even more challenging results, which throw Paul’s life into dire confusion, nearly cost a young model her life, and also affect the lives of his new acquaintances, leaving Paul with difficult dilemmas to address and an intriguing metaphysical mystery to resolve...

Brian M. Stableford has been a professional writer since 1965. He has published more than 60 science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as several authoritative non-fiction books. He is also translating the works of Paul Féval and other French writers of the fantastique for Black Coat Press which also published his most two recent fantasy novels: The New Faust at the Tragicomique and The Stones of Camelot.

US $20.95 / GBP £16.99
5x8 trade paperback, 248 pages
by Brian Stableford
cover by Daniele Serra

Paul Furneret returns to Paris after a four-year interval. He again contacts Camille Flammarion, Jane de La Vaudère and Madame Zosima;, who now runs a women’s refuge and employs hypnosis to enable  women to “remember” their alleged past incarnations. One night, he is intercepted by Baron de Rochemure, who had recognized his daughter in the sketch Paul produced during his first attempt at automatic drawing, and is very enthusiatic for Paul to try again. To that end, Rochemore convenes a séance to which he invites Flammarion, Zosima and Jane, as well as Henri Lemastur, the hypnotist involved in the first séance, his patroness, and Gabriel de Lautrec. The baron, who is dying of cancer, reveals for the first time the harrowing story of how his daughter died and why he has been so anxious to make contact with her.

Paul again produces four drawings while hypnotized by Zosima, but they are not what he expected; he does, however contrive a telepathic link between several of the people present, which enables Jane, the baron and his housekeeper to share a common vision, which satisfies the baron, but convinces Jane that Paul almost died in the process, only to be saved by a mysterious “angel”. As a result, she forbids Paul to have any further contact with Zosima...

Brian M. Stableford has been a professional writer since 1965. He has published more than 60 science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as several authoritative non-fiction books. He is also translating the works of Paul Féval and other French writers of the fantastique for Black Coat Press which also published his most two recent fantasy novels: The New Faust at the Tragicomique and The Stones of Camelot.

US $21.95 / GBP £17.99
5x8 trade paperback, 268 pages
by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Alfredo Macall; cover by Alfredo Macall

Valor does not await... by J.-M. Lofficier & Alfredo Macall

When a trio of powerful super-villains brings the U.S. to its knees, incapacitating all adult heroes, the only hope left are... THE KIDZ!
Brought together by the eccentric scientist ARCHIE BOLT, a new team assembles, composed of IVAN WOLONSKY, teenage psychic, the sub-aquatic champion MARINO, motorcycle master MOTOMAN, energy construct creator QUBE, super-genius SUPERBILL and, from the depths of cyberspace itself, the amazing FL@MBO!  Together, they fight their first battle against the triumvirate thas has forced the surrender of the United States!

The teenage heroes of the Hexagon Universe gather for the first time in this book-length saga by J.-M. Lofficier and Mexican artist Alfredo Macall.

7x10 squarebound comic, 52 pages b&w
US$10.95 / GBP

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
Now shipping!

Between 2002 and 2016, Blood ‘n’ Thunder was the premier journal for devotees of adventure, mystery and melodrama in American popular culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This award-winning magazine, written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, eventually expanded its readership to include casual fans of vintage storytelling mediums: pulp fiction, motion pictures, Old Time Radio drama, and so on. BnT, moribund for three years, has now returned in a new format but with the same excellence of writing and research. The articles and essays are scholarly without being dry or academic in nature; no publish-or-perish tedium here.

This revival issue covers a variety of subjects, all related to pulp fiction. David Kalb documents the history of the long-lost 1941-42 radio series featuring Street & Smith’s Avenger; he compares recently uncovered scripts to the novels from which they are adapted. David Saunders, whose father Norman was among the most prolific painters of lurid pulp covers, profiles the forgotten publisher J. Thomas Wood. Novelist and pop-culture historian Will Murray weighs in on pulp pulchritude—an appreciation of artists whose covers sported alluring women. Indefatigable researcher Rick Lai offers a detailed chronology of the Jimgrim saga, a multi-novel series penned by pulp-fiction giant Talbot Mundy. Blood ‘n’ Thunder editor Ed Hulse celebrates the Zorro centennial (he first appeared in a 1919 issue of the legendary All-Story Weekly) with a behind-the-scenes account of the making of Douglas Fairbanks’ 1920 swashbuckling hit The Mark of Zorro. Ed also documents the making of Hawk of the Wilderness, a 1938 cliffhanger serial adapted from the popular imitation-Tarzan novels that appeared in the venerable pulp Blue Book.

#1, Second Series
Cover Art by Lyman Anderson
92 pages, paperback, 7x10
Price: $9.95


Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
Now available!

The 2019 edition of Lone Pine and the Movies, like its recent predecessors, chronicles the history of Western-movie production. Its cover story examines the wave of 1939 hits that brought big-budget “A” Westerns back to box-office prominence, with behind-the-scenes information on the making of Stagecoach, Dodge City, Jesse James, Union Pacific, and others released during Hollywood’s greatest year. Prolific “B”-Western director George Sherman, who began his 40-year career with two inexpensive horse operas shot partially at Lone Pine, is profiled with a detailed survey of his dozens of Westerns made for Republic Pictures. “The Lovely Ladies of Lone Pine” covers three favorite actresses whose careers are inextricably linked to the area: Beth Marion, Grace Bradley Boyd (Mrs. Hopalong Cassidy), and the late Peggy Stewart, a favorite guest at Lone Pine Film Festivals, who passed away earlier in 2019.

 “RevisitingFrontier Days” not only takes a detailed look at this favorite 1934 “B”-Western but tells the entire story of its star, Bill Cody, a marginal figure who built a career on Hollywood’s Poverty Row and made a precarious living on the fringes of the film industry. A Don Kelsen photo essay matches present-day pictures of Frontier Days locations with frame captures from the original film. Finally, this issue contains a special section, “The Man Who Loved Westerns,” devoted to the late Packy Smith, who organized the very first film festival devoted entirely to his favorite genre—and who, many years later, was instrumental in getting the Lone Pine Film Festival up and running. Packy, who died in late 2018, is remembered by some of his closest friends and fellow movie buffs.

Introduction by Ed Hulse
136 pages, 8x10, trade paperback
Price: $12.95


Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
Coming soon!

Murania Press is proud to announce that, owing to the success of its recent “Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction” reprint line, a second series of ten books will be published soon.
The intent is to have the next ten volumes ready for Christmas-season gift purchases, although we’re making no hard and fast promises along that line.

As with the first series, released this past summer, individual books will be priced at $15.95 (postage included in the U.S.) but the entire set will sell for $100.

Like the earlier “Forgotten Classics” volumes, this second set offers considerable variety as to tone, genre, setting, and time period. In coming weeks we will have more to say about the new additions, but for now here are the titles, listed alphabetically by author:

1. H. Bedford-Jones, Blood, Amber and Jade. Action and intrigue in the Far East with Jim Hanecy, dealer in rare Oriental jewels and artifacts, and his daring associates.

2. Max Brand, The Sword Lover. The overlooked but excellent second novel by this specialist in Westerns is a swashbuckling adventure yarn set in 18th-century England.

3. J. Allan Dunn, The Island. The sequel to Barehanded Castaways is a rousing adventure in its own right and an eminently worthy continuation of Dunn’s original narrative.

4. Clarence E. Mulford, Black Buttes. Almost certainly this author’s best novel not featuring Hopalong Cassidy. Its protagonist spends years combing the West for his sister’s despoiler and becomes involved in a frontier murder mystery.

5. Roy Norton, The Glyphs. After deciphering ancient Mayan hieroglyphs, an eccentric archeologist, a soldier of fortune, and an English sportsman head to Nicaragua in search of a lost city that houses tremendous wealth.

6. Randall Parrish, The Strange Case of Cavendish. A baffling mystery that begins with murder in New York City and the victim’s disappearance, with the only clues directing an intrepid female reporter to the contemporary West.

7. Perley Poore Sheehan, The Copper Princess. The mummy of an ancient Peruvian princess is scientifically revived in early 20th-century New York, and her resuscitation has terrifying ramifications for a curious antropologist.

8. Francis Stevens, Serapion. Combining elements of fantasy, science fiction, and psychological horror, this spine-chilling tale chronicles the efforts of a malevolent spirit to dominate a weak man and his hapless associates.

9. Edgar Wallace, Blind Men. Mysterious events, culminating in murder, seem to have their origins in and around the London headquarters of a charity for the blind. Original pulp-magazine version of a novel later revised and published in book form (and brought to the screen) as Dark Eyes of London.10. Gordon Young, Hurricane Williams’ Vengeance. The best of this author’s Hurricane Williams novels, a South Seas adventure with an unforgettable climax.

10. Gordon Young, Hurricane Williams’ Vengeance. The best of this author’s Hurricane Williams novels, a South Seas adventure with an unforgettable climax.

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press: EDitorial Comments - Now online!

Coming Soon: The Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction, Second Series!
Lone Pine and the Movies

The BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER Revival Will Continue!
Permanent Price Reduction for “Forgotten Classics” 10-book set
PulpFest 2019 Report
My Incredibly Busy April, #2: The Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention
Slight Delay in Our Release of the “Forgotten Classics” Collection

Bold Venture Press
Pulp Adventures #32
Now available!

The Death Dancer | Charles Boeckman  3
The “Atomic Goddess of Beauty” sees a strange case of murder explode!
Roman Holiday | Talbot Mundy  28
A tale of Christians and Romans — and Lions — in the reign of mad Caligula!
The Pigtail of Hi Wing Ho | Sax Rohmer  119
Mystery in Chinatown ...

The Mystery of Island X! | Bobby Nash  15
Lance Starr and his scrappy crew investigate mysterious goings-on on an island — only to discover the island IS the mystery!
The Spawn of Lilthu | William M. Hope  51
The “Welcome” mat was Thurl’s invitation to a hellish fate.
The Wicked Big ‘Monstah Ovah Bawstin’ | David Bernard  63
An FBI agent generates buzz with his biggest case.
Time and Tide | Adam Beau McFarlane  75
The Black Island Tavern plays host to a sailor like no other.
Stranded At Saturn | Jack Halliday  79
He dreamt of reaching the stars … until he crash-landed …
A Snitch in Time | Robert W. Walker  83
First-class seats for murder …

Format: Softcover
Pages: 132
Dimensions: 7" x 10"


Broadswords and Blasters - Now online!

Pulp Consumption: Tough 2 (Crime Stories)
Pulp Appeal: Penny Dreadful
Pulp Appeal: Storyhack #3
Issue 10 is Live!
Pulp Appeal: From The Vaults of Imagination: The Forgotten Short Stories of Clark Ashton Smith (Guest Post by Joshua Grasso)
Pulp Appeal: Pulp Modern Summer 2019
Pulp Appeal: Moon Knight: From the Dead
Issue 9 is here!

Issue #84 is now available and recommended!
Front Cover: Bob larkin
"Scattered Covers" by Chuck Welch
"A Bob Larkin Retrospective" by Courtney Rogers
"The Doc Savage Comics Guide" by Philip Schweier
"The Savage Society of Bronze Remembered" by Jennifer DiGiacomo
"The Cover That Could Have been" by
Julián Puga
"The Power of Gold" by Dafyyd Neal Dyar
"The True Origin of Capt. Gideon Argo" by Tony Simmons

"Fifty Years later" by Will Murray
Back Cover: Alvaro Fernandois

Everything, new and old, is beautifully designed by Kez Wilson.
You can order available single issues at: http://www.bronzegazette.com/back-issues/

Subscribe for 2019 (Issues 84 and 85) at: http://www.bronzegazette.com/subscribe/

$25.00 USA
$35.00 Canada (US Dollars)
$40.00 International
(Prices Include Postage)

Click HERE to subscribe!
Click HERE for available back issues!
Coming soon!
Dare Devlin: Stormbirds
by Dafyyd Neal Dyar

 The Bronze Gazette  

Coming in November!

Allen Steele has announced that he will soon be continuing the adventures of Captain Future.

From Allen Steele's announcement:

This fall Experimenter Publishing, the publisher of AMAZING STORIES, will be launching EDMOND HAMILTON'S CAPTAIN FUTURE as a paperback/ebook series called "Amazing Stories Selects." The first issue, scheduled for release in November, will feature "Captain Future in Love", the long novella that ran as a two-part serial in AMAZING last year; it will also include an essay about the history of Captain Future and how and why I reinvented this classic SF character. This will kick off a four-part story cycle, "The Return of Ul Quorn", that will run for the next three issues; the second installment, "The Guns of Pluto", is now being written, and we're aiming to publish it early next year.

As I've said a couple of years ago when my first CF novel, AVENGERS OF THE MOON, was published by Tor, although my take on the character is derived from Edmond Hamilton's novels of the 1940's, this ain't your grandpa's Captain Future. Authorized by the Hamilton estate, this is an updated and revised version of the original pulp series. For example, feast your eyes on Curt Newton's ship, the "Comet II". Rob Caswell, the illustrator, and I put a lot of time and thought into designing a plausible new version of this classic ship ... and this is just a preview of things to come.

As things come together, AMAZING and I will release more info about EHCF, including where and how to purchase single issues and subscriptions.
If you're a fan of high adventure and space opera in the grand tradition, we think you'll like this. Stay tuned.

Experimenter Publishing   Allen Steele

Castalia House Blog - Now online!

Sensor Sweep: 9/30/2019
- New!
Sensor Sweep: 9/23/2019
Sensor Sweep: U.K Modules, Chernobyl game, Max Brand
Sensor Sweep: Tolkien’s Letters, Taghri’s Prize, Kardios of Atlantis
Sensuous Science Fiction
Sensor Sweep: Starbase, Scarlet Citadel, Baldur’s Gate
Sensor Sweep: Richard L. Tierney, Diana Gabaldon, Jirel of Joiry, Stan Lee
Joseph Payne Brennan back in print!

AGE OF CONAN: VALERIA #3 (of 5) - Arriving in comic shops October 9!
Meredith Finch (Writer)
Aneke (Art)
Jay Anacleto (Cover)

VALERIA tries to recover from her wounds, but cannot rest while her brother’s killer remains free!
But when the PRIESTS OF MITRA are attacked, will she be strong enough to defend herself and her comrades?
And who is the mysterious man who seems to know about her past?

Plus: The next chapter of an all-new novella featuring one of CONAN’s greatest nemeses—the wizard THOTH-AMON!

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99

THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #10 -  Expected to arrive in comic shops October 16!
Roy Thomas (Writer)
Alan Davis (Art)

Marco Checchetto (Cover)

John McCrea (Variant Cover)

Nearly 50 years after he first brought the Cimmerian to the pages of Marvel Comics, the incredible ROY THOMAS returns to script the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN! Teamed with the legendary ALAN DAVIS, get ready for an unforgettable chapter in the saga of Conan, as the barbarian leads a mysterious band of adventurers into the Himelian Mountains in search of a lost comrade. But Conan may get more than he bargained for as the startling truth behind the quest is uncovered! Set before Robert E. Howard’s “People of the Black Circle,” don’t miss the start of this ALL-NEW adventure fleshing out an important period in Conan’s history!

Plus: The next chapter in the all-new novella “THE SHADOW OF VENGEANCE”!

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99


Davy Crockett's Almanak of Mystery, Adventure, and the Wild West - Now online!

Forgotten Autobiographies: ROBERT LESLIE BELLEM (1941)  
 - New!
Pulp Gallery: THE SPIDER   - New!
Westerns You MAY Have Missed (1928)  - New!
TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET Comic Strip - Week 14 (1951)  - New!
Forgotten Stories: "Robots Can't Lie" by ROBERT LESLIE BELLEM (1941)
"Capt'n Courage" by RAFAEL ASTARITA (1951)  
Movie Posters of 1928
TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET Comic Strip - Week 12 (1951)
ZORRO Pulp Illustrations (Part 4)

The Digest Enthusiast #10
 Now available!

The tenth edition of The Digest Enthusiast is now available in print and digital on amazon.com featuring an interview with James Reasoner covering his stories for Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine; PIs Cody, Delaney, and Markham; his Redemption series, the Wind River series with L.J. Washburn; and much more.

Author, editor, and publisher James Reasoner delves into his stories for Mike Shayne; PIs Cody, Delaney, and Markham; his Redemption series, the Wind River series with L.J. Washburn; and much more.

Ward Smith remembers Armed Services Editions—digests that are not digests
Peter Enfantino tackles Startling Mystery Stories No. 1–18, and a keen assessment of Manhunt 1954 July–Oct
Vince Nowell, Sr. dissects Sol Cohen’s tactics to save Amazing Stories
Richard Krauss examines Charlie Chan’s media empire, with special emphasis on Renown Publications’ digest magazine
Steve Carper reports on the one, the only, Bronze Books and trailblazers Luke Roberts and Jesse Lee Carter
Tom Brinkmann exposes The Creature from the Black Lagoon with The Seven Year Itch.Fiction

Robert Snashall and Joe Wehrle, Jr., with art by Carolyn Cosgriff

Also includes
News updates from the newsstand giants and the digital darlings of today’s genre fiction digests, straight from their editors and publishers
In-depth reviews of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine May/June 2019 and Broadswords & Blasters No. 9
Plus over 100 digest magazine cover images, cartoons by Bob Vojtko, art by Brian Buniak, a poem by Clark Dissmeyer, first issue factoids, and more.

Includes over 100 digest magazine cover images
160 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" digest

Print version, $8.99
Kindle version, $2.99


The Digest Enthusiast Blog - Now online!

Mystery Weekly Magazine Oct. 2019 - New!
Western Magazine No. 4
Fantastic Oct. 1975
Detective No. 3
Nostalgia Digest Autumn 2019 -
Mystery Weekly Magazine Sept. 2019

DMR Books Blog - Now online!

The Artistic Legacy of Donald A. Wollheim
- New!
Mundy Monday: The Savage Swords of Tros - New!
The DMRtian Chronicles, 9/29/2019
- New!
The Warlord of Mars: A Centennial - New!
The DMRtian Chronicles, 9/22/2019
Metallic Mirrors Part Three: Bruce Pennington
Mundy Monday: The Purple Pirate
The DMRtian Chronicles, 9/15/2019
Michael Tierney - The DMR Interview Part Two

Edgar Rice Burroughs Books
A PRINCESS OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Deluxe Manuscript Edition!

Now available for pre-order!

Shipping November - December 2019!

The Deluxe Manuscript Edition of A Princess of Mars is the fifth title in the ERB Limited Edition Collection.
The set is published by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.  and includes an leather bound book in dust jacket, manuscript portfolio, handcrafted dip pen and Dejah Thoris medallion all housed in a 7”x10” custom decorated case. 
We think this will be the most elaborate and unique edition of A Princess of Mars ever published.

Each set features:

•  A Leather Bound Book limited to 500 numbered copies signed by the artists and contributors with a corrected text, new foreword and preface.
•  20 Color Plates featuring the original (5) color Schoonover paintings and works by Frazetta, Abbett, Whelan, Manchess, Miller and including..
    (4-6) New Paintings commissioned for this edition (Artists like Iain McCaig, Dave Dorman, Thomas Gianni, Tom Grindberg, Doug Klauba and others.)
•  A Custom Case covered in Cialux cloth, with spine titling and decorations debossed in gold and 1st edition dust jacket illustration inlaid on the lid.
•  ERB Manuscript Portfolio (1911-1912) for 'Under the Moons of Mars" containing replica manuscript pages, editor letters, the Munsey check to ERB for UMM, and first publication pulp cover and pages.
•  Manuscript Pen (1911-1912)- replica of the dip pen used by ERB to write the holographic manuscript for Under the Moons of Mars.
•  2" Dejah Thoris Medallion - 3D portrait design in antique silver accented in gold, numbered to match the book and inserted inside the custom case.
•  New Dust Jacket artwork and color Barsoom Map endpapers.
•  30+ Black and White Illustrations by Tom Yeates and others…

In addition:
•  The Deluxe Manuscript Edition of A Princess of Mars does not include a Grosset & Dunlap printing since the ERB Limited Edition Collection only publishes titles in G&D that have not previously been available.
    So far that includes 1st G&D printings of Back to the Stone Age, Land of Terror, Savage Pellucidar and John Carter of Mars.
•   The text has been proofed by Frank Puncer and reset with corrections for this new edition. (One notable mistake was discovered in the 1st edition text that has been carried over to every later edition.)
•  The decorated box, dust jacket, book cover and title and chapter page designs are by Zavier Cabarga with the book bound in brown Cromwell leather with red/orange stamping
    in a style reminiscent of the first edition published by A. C. McClurg.
•  The custom case features a drop spine and houses the book, manuscript portfolio and a die cut tray for the medallion and pen.
•  This vintage-style document portfolio is a 6”x9” gusseted custom envelope made of heavy kraft paper and secured by a button and string.
    We have taken great care to source antique and vintage papers to match the original pages or documents.
•  The first publication pulp cover and pages are from the Feb. 1912 All-Story Magazine and include two-sided replicas of the color cover, contents page and first story page.
•  The handmade Italian wooden/pewter pen comes with an original 100 year-old Esterbrook 788 Oval gold-plated nib and is mounted in a base tray with the Dejah Thoris medallion.
•  Limited: 500 numbered copies signed by the contributors and artists, in slipcase

  Now online!

New on Famous (and forgotten) Fiction!

August 2019
We are happy to present a previously unreprinted story by H. F. Arnold, "The City of the Iron Cubes,"  as it apppeared in the March and April, 1929 issues of Weird Tales, including the illustrations by C. C. Senf.
Along with some additional biographical material about Arnold, there is also an afterword following the story, where we discuss the end of the story, and why we believe the twist at the end may be the first appearance of an ending that, today, has been done so many times, that it is considered the worst of cliches.

July 2019
Baroness Orczy wrote many different types of stories during her career and "Young Muggins" shows yet another facet to her talents, as she weaves a tale of love, selfishness and self-sacrifice in rural England. 
Our reprinting appears just as it did in the May, 1906 issue of The Royal Magazine, including the illustrations by J. Barnard Davis.  Introduction to the story is by Dan Neyer.

June 2019
This month we feature Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's mummy tale, Lot No. 249, including the illustrations by William Thomas Smedley and an introduction by your humble scribes, Dan Neyer and Bob Gay.
We've also done some behind the scenes work to make the site work better...do stop by and check us out.

May 2019
Edmond Hamilton returns to our pages with "The Man Who Evolved," direct from the pages of the April, 1931 issue of Wonder Stories, including the Frank R. Paul illustration.  Intro by Bob Gay
Also, we found a 1953 comic book story where the plot was (*ahem*) "borrowed" from Hamilton's original and our unknown scribe managed to condense the story down to a mere 4 pages. 
Read the original first, then "Evolution" which appears as it originally appeared in Tomb of Terror #12, with the digital restoration included at no extra cost.

April 2019
We are very pleased to present The Neil R. Jones Collection, which starts with an 11,000+ word biography of Jones that incorporates his words, newspaper articles and our research to create a long overdue portrait of the creator of Professor Jameson.  We have also located a nearly all of Jones' non-fiction writings from various magazines and fanzines and have included them, along with 5, never before reprinted, stories that chart his early years as an author.  Copiously illustrated throughout, we hope you enjoy it.

March 2019
An early science fiction opus, A Corner in Lightning by George Griffith, for the March, 1898 issue of Pearson's Magazine including the illustrations by Paul Hardy.  Introduction by Bob Gay.

November 2018
Baroness Orczy has not made an appearance on our pages in some time, and this month we remedy that problem with an historical romance, “The Revenge of Ur-Tasen,” pretty close to how it appeared in the June, 1900 issue of Pearson's Magazine, including the illustrations by J. Ambrose Walton.  Introduction is by Dan Neyer.

October 2018
Edmond Hamilton returns to our pages this month with "The Comet Doom" from the pages of the January, 1928 issue of Amazing Stories. 
The Frank R. Paul illustration is included and hopefully readers will find fascination with the parallels between this story and the Zoromes of Neil R. Jones, something Bob Gay discusses in his introduction to the story.

September 2018
No fiction this month, but an extremely rare autobiographical sketch of Neil R. Jones called (surprise!),  "An Autobiographical Sketch of Neil R. Jones," reprinted from the January, 1937 issue of Fantasy Magazine. 
Bob Gay pens the introduction.

July 2018
Edmond Hamilton returns to our pages, with a tale of a deserted island and evolution gone amok...it all comes together in "Evolution Island," a story from the March, 1927 issue of Weird Tales with all the text, the title illustration and a newly written introduction by Bob Gay.

June 2018
It has been some time since Baroness Orczy has graced our site and this month you will find "Juliette A Tale of the Terror," the sixth published story by the Baroness that is set during the French Revolution. 
We have included all the original illustrations by the Baroness's husband, Montagu Barstow, translations for all archaic words and phrases and an informative introduction by Dan Neyer.

Now available!
Red Nails

Conan, mercenary praising his sword to the highest bidder, lands in the Darfar region, whose territory is almost entirely covered by a huge forest. Alongside the fierce warrior Valeria and after a clash against a terrible dragon, the Cimmerian then goes to a strange fortified city, apparently deserted. But the duo will quickly discover that a civilization lives hidden inside, and that the citadel seems to hide a heavy secret ...

The Red Nails is probably, along with Beyond the Black River , one of Conan's most beloved and sophisticated news stories. Howard affirms his style, persisting in his mistrust of modern civilizations, consumed by passivity, laxity and cruelty. Régis Hautière, Olivier Vatine and Didier Cassegrain give substance to this stifling camera in a splendid album in direct colors.

Language: French
Scriptwriter: Régis Hautière
Designer: Olivier Vatine & Didier Cassegrain

Color: Didier Cassegrain
Full Color
Size: 240 x 320 mm
72 pages
Shaping: Hardcover
Price: 14.95 €

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club
Typically the 3rd Saturday of every month
Check the website at the link below for the latest schedule.
 Gotham Pulp Collectors Club is a club for pulp collectors to meet in the NYC/Metro area.
It meets the 3rd Saturday of every month.
Check the website at the link below for exact time and place information.

Name:  Gotham Pulp Collectors Club
Time: 1-5 PM
Place:  Muhlenberg Library on West 23rd Street.

Contact:  Mark Halegua at msh@pulps1st.com

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club

Haffner Press
By Manly Wade Wellman
Complete in two volumes!

Now available for pre-order!

Status Update
We're getting closer on completing the definitive collection of ALL (19 stories and 5 novels!) of the tales of Manly Wade Wellman's most popular character, John the Balladeer. As you can see, illustrator Raymond Swanland has delivered two masterpiece covers, and Stephen Jones has delivered his introduction. That's the good news. The bad news is that we're not going to be able to launch the book as planned at this year's World Fantasy Convention. But we feel the wait will be worth it. And remember, if you preorder The Complete John the Balladeer, you will receive the exclusive chapbook, Not All a Dream. This 32-page chapbook is Wellman's contribution to the unpublished anthology, The Last Dangerous Visions.

John, whose last name is never revealed, is a wandering singer who carries a guitar strung with strings of pure silver. He is a veteran of the Korean War and served in the U.S. Army as a sharpshooter (in the novel After Dark, he mentions that his highest rank was PFC). In his travels, he frequently encounters creatures and superstitions from the folk tales and superstitions of the mountain people. Though John has no formal education, he is self-taught, highly intelligent and widely read; it is implied that his knowledge of occult and folk legendarium is of Ph.D level. This knowledge has granted him competent use of white magic, which he has used on occasion to overcome enemies or obstacles, but it is primarily his courage, wit and essential goodness that always enables him to triumph over supernatural evils (although the silver strings of his guitar and his possession of a copy of The Long Lost Friend are also powerful tools in fighting evil magic), while basic Army training allows him to physically deal with human foes.

The stories are rich in the customs and lore of the region and many of the folk songs John sings are authentic as well. Wellman did introduce some original songs and legends but his creations blend seamlessly with the traditional material. Whereas Tolkien integrated Northern mythology into his mythos, and C.S. Lewis the European Fairy Tales of yore, Wellman’s stories are drenched in the folktales and songs of old Americana; the haunting stories of the slaves and the tall tales of the Revolution, strange beasts, witch-women, and dark apparitions. As famed author Karl Edward Wagner wrote: “These stories are chilling and enchanting, magical and down-to-earth, full of wonder and humanity. They are fun. They are like nothing else you’ve read before.”—Adapted from Wikipedia

Complete in Two Volumes!
Smythe-sewn Hardcovers

Edited by Stephen Haffner
Pre-Order price: $90

"O Ugly Bird!"
"The Desrick on Yandro"
"Vandy, Vandy"
"One Other"
"Call Me from the Valley"
"The Little Black Train"
"Shiver in the Pines"
"Walk Like a Mountain"
"On the Hills and Everywhere"
"Old Devlins Was A-Waiting"
"Nine Yards of Other Cloth"
"Then I Wasn't Alone"
"You Know the Tale of Hoph"
"Blue Monkey"
"The Stars Down There"
"Find the Place Yourself"
"I Can't Claim That"
"Who Else Could I Count On"
"John's My Name"
"Why They're Named That"
"None Wiser for the Trip"
"Nary Spell"
"Trill Coster's Burden"
"The Spring"
"Owls Hoot in the Daytime"
"Can These Bones Live?"
"Nobody Ever Goes There"
"Where Did She Wander?"

The Old Gods Waken (1979)
After Dark (1980)
The Lost and the Lurking (1981)
The Hanging Stones (1982)
The Voice of the Mountain (1984)

That's right. All the stories. All the novels (the most recent of which has been out of print for nearly 35 years!).

If you're acquainted with our previous Manly Wade Wellman volume, THE COMPLETE JOHN THUNSTONE, then you know what to expect and won't want to miss this important edition of one of the finest literary creations in all of weird fiction.


Haffner Press
By Robert Bloch, Edited by Stephen Haffner, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson
Now available for pre-order!
Expected in time for Halloween!

Status Update
The Vampire Stories of Robert Bloch was staged to be at the printer—Thomson Shore in Dexter, Michigan—this summer. Tragically, Thomson-Shore declared bankruptcy in March and their assets were sold outright in May. This left more than a few presses, including us, scrambling to find replacement printers. Haffner Press was especially challenged as our books are case-bound and smythe-sewn. In recent years, most printers have invested heavily in short-run print-on-demand technology. While many book-printers offer smythe-sewn services, fewer than ever offer both smythe-sewing AND hardcover case-binding. (FYI, in 2006-2008, we did have some titles sewn by the printer and then cased by a third-party bindery, but we found this added unnecessary time and expense.) Happily, we can report that we are aligned with a printer who can do the entire job in-house and we hope to have this title ready for Hallowe'en.

In the meantime, here's notice that there will be THREE states of The Vampire Stories of Robert Bloch!
1.  $50 trade hardcover (currently available as a $45 preorder)
2.  $175 slipcased edition limited to 100 copies signed by Gahan Wilson, Paul Winters, Robert Eighteen-Bisang and Stephen Haffner with an exclusive chapbook, Dracula Country.
3.  Price TBD for a 26-copy lettered edition with special black embossed covers, signed by all contributors, the Dracula Country chapbook, and a Robert Bloch autograph laid in

Robert Bloch (1917-1994) is one of the most fondly remembered and collected authors of crime, horror, fantasy, and science fiction of the 20th Century. Noted by many as the author of Psycho, Bloch wrote hundreds of short stories and over 30 novels. He was a member of the Lovecraft Circle and began his career by emulating H.P. Lovecraft's brand of "cosmic horror." He later specialized in crime and horror stories dealing with a more psychological approach.

500+ page Smythe-sewn Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-893887-90-9

Pre-order price: $45.00

“The Feast in the Abbey”
“The Beasts of Barsac”
“The Shambler from the Stars”
“The Opener of the Way”
“The Mannikin”
“A Question of Identity”
“The Cloak”
“Unheavenly Twin”
“Nursemaid to Nightmares”
“Fear Planet”
“Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper”
“Black Barter”
“Death Is a Vampire”
“The Bat Is My Brother”
“The Skull of the Marquis de Sade”
“The Bogey Man Will Get You”
“Tooth or Consequences”
“The Hungry House”
“The Man Who Collected Poe”
“The Light-House”
“I Kiss Your Shadow”
“Dig That Crazy Grave”
“The Sleeping Redheads” aka “Sleeping Beauty”
“Hungarian Rhapsody”
“The Living Dead”
“A Case of the Stubborns”
“The Undead”
“The Yougoslaves”
“The Bedposts of Life”
“The Scent of Vinegar”

Haffner Press
The Early Kuttner, Volume Three

Introduction by Dr. Garyn G. Roberts

Now available for pre-order!
Target Date: April 2020!

Exclusive Chapbook with all pre-orders!

All preorders of DESIGNS FOR DREAMING will ship with an exclusive chapbook reprinting the long-lost 1938 terror-tale, MASTER OF THE DAMNED!

Submitted by Kuttner on January 6, 1937, the 3500-word terror-tale "Master of the Damned" was serialized in three issues (July 1937, Vol. 1 No. 2, Winter 1937 Vol. 1 No. 3, and November 1938 Vol. 1 No. 4) of John Weir's hectographed fanzine Fantasmagoria. The story involves witches, warlocks and . . . well, here's Mr. Kuttner's chilling prose to give you a sample:   

Incubi and succubi leaped and cried beside shrieking hags. Warlocks bestrode yelling mooncalves that cavorted through the throng, and demons and familiars mingled with the coven. A monstrous, bloated head, leering and chuckling, crawled past on spidery legs, and in its wake crept a thing like a monstrous turtle, save that human hands and feet propelled the creature on its way. Curiously deformed toads and serpents squirmed underfoot, and great cats, monstrously altered, capered in the wake of their masters. I saw a headless thing, with a grinning face growing on its belly, rush up to the altar, carrying a tall black candle, and light it from the red flame that sprang, apparently, from the ground itself before the altar.
YIKES! And there are 3,380 more words to the story!! Speaking of which, how can you get a copy of "Master of the Damned"? Well, if you've placed a preorder for Designs for Dreaming: The Early Kuttner, Volume Three, then you're already in line to receive it! You read that correctly: "Master of the Damned" is available as an exclusive chapbook shipping with all preordered copies of Designs for Dreaming at no extra charge! So, get on board, smash that Preorder link, and make your Kuttner book kollection something that everyone will krave!

Before his marriage to (and subsequent collaborations with) Catherine L. Moore, Henry Kuttner was a frequent contributor to the pulp magazines that specialized in the weird, supernatural, horror, and science fiction genre. Beginning in 1936, Kuttner launched a steady stream of short stories aimed at Weird Tales, Strange Stories, Thrilling Mystery, and others.

Kuttner and Moore were married on June 7, 1940 in New York with artist Virgil Finlay as Best Man. With NYC as his base of operations, Kuttner interfaced on a frequent basis with the major local genre editors: Leo Margulies at Standard Magazines (Thrilling Mystery, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Strange Stories,), Alden H. Norton at Popular Publications (Astonishing Stories, Strange Detective Mysteries) and perhaps most importantly, John W. Campbell, Jr. at Street & Smith Publications (Unknown / Unknown Worlds). Campbell’s Astounding Science Fiction will loom large in Kuttner’s career for the next decade.

In DESIGNS FOR DREAMING (the third and final volume of “The Early Kuttner”) Kuttner sells the last of his stories to the weird-menace pulps, places some SF stories with lesser markets (Stirring Science Stories and Fantastic Adventures), and delivers some of his finest fantasy work in Unknown Worlds. By the summer of 1942, Kuttner’s Draft Status was reclassified as 1-A. By April 13, 1943, Pfc Henry Kuttner had orders to report to Fort Dix, New Jersey. The early phase of Kuttner’s career was over.

Cover art by Robert Gibson-Jones
700+ pages
Smythe-sewn binding
Full cloth-covered binding boards

Pre-order: $45.00

Hard Case Crime
Coming soon!

November 2019

Max Allan Collins
Cover art by Paul Mann


Formerly a Marine sniper in Vietnam, the man known professionally as Quarry has spent the past decade killing for money, first in the service of an agent called the Broker, and then as a freelance hitman. But he’s always been on the right side of those contract kills—until now.

It seems someone has taken out a contract on Quarry himself. But who? And why? And how does a mysterious figure from his past figure in? Quarry will find the answer—or die trying.

Since his first appearance in 1976, Quarry has been the star of a Cinemax TV series, a graphic novel (Quarry’s War), and a dozen other novels. But he’s never faced an assignment deadlier or more personal than this...

First publication ever!
Featuring the return of a character not seen since QUARRY’S DEAL in 1976

The Illustrated Press

Now available fror pre-order!
Scheduled to ship in October!

Standard Edition
This is the ultimate book on the work of pulp artist ALLEN ANDERSON. Known best for his covers for PLANET STORIES, DELL COMICS, spicy pulps, Western pulps, and many others, this spectacular book contains stunning reproductions taken directly from Anderson's original paintings, as well as reference photos, rare proof sheets of pulp covers, and much more. Limited to just 900 copies.

224 pages, 9x12 inches, hardcover with dust jacket. $44.95 (U.S.)

Deluxe Edition
This is the ultimate book on the work of pulp artist ALLEN ANDERSON. Known best for his covers for PLANET STORIES, DELL COMICS, spicy pulps, Western pulps, and many others, this spectacular book contains stunning reproductions taken directly from Anderson's original paintings, as well as reference photos, rare proof sheets of pulp covers, and much more. Limited to just 100 copies!

224 pages, 9x12 inches, hardcover with dust jacket
in red slipcase with white lettering. Insert bookplate signed and numbered by author David Saunders. $64.95 (U.S.)

To see a preview of the book, follow this link: https://issuu.com/illomag/docs/rafaeldesoto

ILLUSTRATORS MAGAZINE #27 - Now available and coming soon to comic shops!
(Writer) Diego Cordoba (Art)  Various

Frederic Remington: The master of Western artists who wanted to be considered a painter not an illustrator;
Charles Schreyvogel: The western artist considered a painter and not an illustrator;
The Lone Ranger: The most popular western hero of all time came from radio and not the Wild West; plus our regular features including The Bookshelf.
Truly fabulous artwork abounds in every issue, much of the art taken from scans of the original work.

Magazine, 96 pages, Full Color, $24.99

Jerry Schneider Enterprises
Now available!


THE METAL MOON by Everett C. Smith and R. F. Starzl
THE MARTIAN by Allen Glasser and A. Rowley Hilliard

Magazine, 8.5 x 11 inch, 146 pages

Lon Chaney - "Outside The Law" (1920) Crime Novel Reprint
Reprint the rare paperback novel of Outside The Law (1920), a silent era film starring Priscilla Dean and Lon Chaney.
New Kickstarter now online!
This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tuesday, October 22, 2019
All rewards will ship early November, 2019

This quick moving crime thriller greatly expands on the plot of a film.  The uncredited author based their story on Tod Browing's photoplay.

Scenes that are brief in the movie are fleshed out with more detail in this book, the motives of the characters are clearer (Chaney's Ah Wing too!), main characters have a back story, the jewel heist at the mansion is more suspenseful, and Lon Chaney's Black Mike Silva meets a much more grisly demise at the end that would not have passed the censors!

Why Reprint This?
The pulp novel for Outside the Law  was published in 1926 in time for the movie's re-release, not long after the debut of The Phantom Of The Opera.  It sold very well. Unfortunately, they are extremely scarce and expensive today.  After nearly a century later the paper may become brittle to the point where it can't be read from cover to cover without pieces falling out.

This long out of print edition of Outside the Law was never reprinted or is readable online. 
This Kickstarter is for the funding of at least 100 books.


Martin Grams' Blog - Now online!

Old Dark House: A Chilling Genre  - New!
Universal Studios Cliffhanger Classics
The Shadow: 1940 Cliffhanger Serial
King Kong, The Alvin Show and Rock and Roll
The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
The Lion King Reigns Supreme
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon: The Radio Program

The Robert E. Howard Newsline
Now online!

Bringing you the latest news in Robert E. Howard books, pulp reprints, comics, audio, conventions, games, and whatever else seems applicable.

Now featuring:

Links to Robert E. Howard Days 2019 Panel Discussions  

The Art of Robert E. Howard: Peter Andrew Jones

The Art of Robert E. Howard: Virgil Finlay

The Art of Robert E. Howard: Michael William Kaluta:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  

Robert E. Howard’s Reefer Madness By Bobby Derie

Accepting new articles for posting.
Contact me at bthom1@cox.net

Mike Chomko -  July/August 2019 newsletter is now available!

Mike has released a list of pulp-related books and periodicals available from Mike Chomko for July/August 2019.

Orders over $20 are discounted approximately 10%.
Shipping is between $2-6, depending on the weight of your order (media mail or bound printed matter). 
Michael Chomko, 2217W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542

Send Mike an email at mikechomko@gmail.com to subscribe to his catalogue.

Download the PDF file at the link below.

Mike has established a website where you can download his current and past newsletters.
The website is located at http://sites.google.com/site/mikechomkobooks/

Mystery*File - Now online!

A Pulp Fiction Mystery Review: JOHN JAY CHICHESTER – The Bigamist.

Pulp Stories I’m Reading: L. M. MONTGOMERY “The House Party at Smoky Island.”
A Movie Review by Dan Stumpf: SHERLOCK HOLMES FACES DEATH (1943).
Stories I’m Reading: AUGUST DERLETH “The China Cottage.”
Pulp Stories I’m Reading: Three Northerns by FREDERICK NEBEL.
Mike Nevins on Pulp Writer RAOUL WHITFIELD, Part Two.

The New Pulp Heroes - Now online!


The Scarlet Claw
The Midnight Phantom
Australis Incognito
The Henchmen

North-West Adventures - Now online!

King of the Royal Mounted Cover Gallery
(1935) Zane Grey’s King of the Royal Mounted

(1883) “Captain of the ‘Polestar'

(1951) “The Smile of Jean Charcot”

(1937) “The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw”

Lawrence Mott (1881-1931)

PAPERBACK PARADE #104 - Now available!

PAPERBACK PARADE #104, the magazine for paperback readers and collectors -- 100 pages in Full Color!

Gary Lovisi: Paperback Talk
Art Scott “Carter Brown: The Writer & the Stories”
Art Scott “Carter Brown: The Books & the Covers”
Gary Lovisi & Art Scott “Carter Brown: The Signet List”
Art Scott “Carter Brown: In Belmont & Tower”
Philip Harbottle “Fearn’s Jinxed Novels”
Richard Greene “Matchless Paperbacks: Straw Boss”
Gary Lovisi “Mighty Midgets”
Jon D. Swartz “Early Penguin SF”
Jon D. Swartz “Bill Crider”

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George Vanderburgh has been named the winner of the 2019 Munsey Award. Nominated by the general pulp community, George was selected by previous winners of the Lamont, Munsey, and Rusty Awards. The award is a fine art print created by David Saunders and published by Dan Zimmer of The Illustrated Press. It is presented annually to an individual or institution that has bettered the pulp community. Bill Lampkin — winner of the 2018 Munsey Award — presented this year’s award.

Our 2019 Munsey Award winner, GEORGE VANDERBURGH has published over 600 books through his Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, many of them directly related to the pulps. He was largely responsible for finally getting all of Fred Davis’ classic Moon Man stories back into print. And what about his Peter the Brazen series, his five volumes featuring the work of Seabury Quinn, THE COMPLEAT ADVENTURES OF THE PARK AVENUE HUNT CLUB, his Green Ghost set, THE COMPLEAT SAGA OF JOHN SOLOMON, THE ADVENTURES OF THE GOLDEN AMAZON, THE COMPLEAT ADVENTURES OF THE SUICIDE SQUAD, and others? He has also given us numerous collections of detective fiction, including volumes featuring the Thinking Machine, Dr. Thorndyke, and Martin Hewitt. Looking at his website, his future plans include several books reprinting pulp authors who have been unjustly forgotten. Along with the late Robert Weinberg, George served as the co-editor of Arkham House Publishers until the death of April Derleth. A regular attendee of pulp conventions, George has helped both longtime and new fans to collect the tales of some of the most fantastic heroes from the pulps. At this year’s PulpFest, George was part of our presentation, “The Game’s Afoot: Sherlock Holmes and the Pulps.”

Congratulations to George for this most deserved award.

PulpFest Blog Posts

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PulpFest 2020 Estate Auction
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PulpFest 2019: Two Sought Adventure: Eighty Years of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
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Our 2019 Munsey Award Winner

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Highlights from THE PULPSTER

Pulpgen-Online Pulps - Now online!

New this week

"Evans of the Earth Guard" by Edmond Hamilton from AIR WONDER STORIES, April, 1930

The space pirate Hawk makes a fool of Commander Evans. A desperate Evans pulls a bluff on the Hawk that saves the day.

"Into Space" by Sterner St. Paul  from ASTOUNDING STORIES, February, 1930
What was the extraordinary connection between Dr. Livermore’s sudden disappearance and the coming of a new satellite to the Earth? Into Space By Sterner St. Paul (S.P. Meek)

"His Unluckiest Wife" by Raymond S. Spears from ARGOSY, March 16th, 1918
Every few years old Jeff's wife would die, and he would marry again.  After his third wife died, he rode down to Quinn Nurming's and saw that Tessile Nurming was good to see—a pretty brown-eyed girl with a plump little body—who could have learned spunk from a rabbit because a rabbit at least knows how to run away.

Now available!

Copies of THE PULPSTER #28 — the annual PulpFest program book — are available for purchase through Mike Chomko, Books, one of the leading purveyors of pulp-related publications in the field.

Echoing the “Children of the Pulps” portion of our PulpFest 2019 theme, THE PULPSTER takes a look at how characters and fictioneers from the pulpwood paper magazines influenced other characters, television, movies, and more that came after them.

Fronting the magazine is art by Rudolph Belarski from the cover for the September 1939 BLACK BOOK DETECTIVE magazine. It illustrates one aspect of how the pulps influenced the creation of the superhero in comics, with a decidedly Batman-looking Black Bat. That leads into the first of our cover stories.

Will Murray recalls how he and Anthony Tollin pieced together how the creators of Batman lifted elements from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE for their Dark Knight. Will also writes about Johnston McCulley, whom he calls the grandfather of the superhero. Meanwhile, D. Kepler looks at how McCulley’s most famous character — Zorro — on the 100th anniversary of his debut, has been portrayed on screens around the world.

Scott Tracy Griffin surveys how Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan begat generations of jungle men, women, and children in popular culture.

Three articles examine the pulp magazines’ influence on movies and television: Aaron H. Oliver writes about the 1960s western/spy TV series THE WILD WILD WEST; Jess Terrell looks at the original STAR WARS trilogy; and Sara Light-Waller details how Japanese anime (animated) and tokusatsu (live-action special effects film) drew from the pulps.

THE PULPSTER also celebrates the 100th anniversaries of two pulp magazines: ROMANCE and THE THRILL BOOK. Doug Ellis writes about how ROMANCE struggled for a year with its name and its place in the adventure field, while Richard Bleiler looks at the ambitious oddity that was THE THRILL BOOK.

Then editor emeritus of THE PULPSTER, Tony Davis, writes about Bertrand Sinclair and his nearly 50-year career in the pulps. And THE PULPSTER reprints a letter from fictioneer G. T. Fleming-Roberts in which he reflects on the influence of Sherlock Holmes on his career.

Of course, this issue has the regular departments: “Final Chapters,” by Davis, which notes those of the pulp community who have passed away during the last year; and columns by publisher Michael Chomko and editor Bill Lampkin. And we would be remiss without noting assistant editor Peter Chomko’s help with this issue.

If you’d like to order a copy of THE PULPSTER #28, please write to Mike Chomko at mike@pulpfest.com or 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA 18104-6542. The cost of the issue is $13, postage paid in the United States. Buyers from outside the United States should inquire about shipping charges, prior to placing an order.

Back issues of THE PULPSTER are also available through Mike Chomko, Books. A limited number of copies of THE PULPSTER #26 and 27 are available. The cost of each is $13, postage paid. Reduced postage is available on orders for multiple books. These prices are good only in the United States. Buyers from outside the United States should inquire about shipping charges, prior to placing an order. All other issues of THE PULPSTER are out of print.

Please note that all issues of THE PULPSTER — included this year’s number — are in very short supply. Order your copies before they are gone!

Mike will accept payments made via check or money order or through Paypal. Please write to him at mike@pulpfest.com or 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 for further instructions.


The Pulp Archivist - Now online!

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A new pulp blog on pulp magazines, authors and their stories, adventure and detective pulps.

Pulpfest 2019 trip report - photos
Walker Martin: Pulpfest 2019 report - August 15-18, 2019, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The dark side of the pulps
Pulp links roundup - July 2019 edition part 2
Pulp links roundup - July 2019 edition  
Donald Francis McGrew - Author, Journalist  
Elliot W. Chess – Fighter pilot, Author
Link Roundup - May 2019

The Pulp Hermit  by Tom Johnson - Now online!

Introducing New Pulp Author Tom Johnson
A New Artist Comes to ECHOES
Introducing New Pulp Author Ginger Johnson
Betty Dale, Charlotta & Leanne Manners
A Piece of Something Big  
The Pulp.Net  - Now online!

Eleven new episodes of ThePulp.Net's Pulp Event Podcast—
featuring nearly seven-and-a-half hours of programming from PulpFest 2019 — are now online.

You can listen to them on the web at ThePulp.Net’s PulpFest 2019 page,
or on your favorite mobile device by subscribing to the free podcast at the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.

The Pulp.Net

The Pulp.Net  - Now online!
The Pulp.Net features three ongoing blogs!
Pulp Super-Fan blog written by Michael R. Brown, That's Pulp by John Olsen, and the long-running Yellowed Perils written by William Lampkin.

by Laurie Powers
Now available!

QUEEN OF THE PULPS, the definitive biography of Daisy Bacon and the untold story of LOVE STORY MAGAZINE!

Daisy Bacon, the opinionated, autocratic and complex editor of Love Story Magazine from 1928 to 1947, chose the stories that would be read by hundreds of thousands of readers each week. The first weekly periodical devoted to romance fiction and the biggest-selling pulp in the early days of the Great Depression, Love Story sparked a wave of imitators that dominated newsstands for more than twenty years.

Disparaged as "love pulp," the magazine actually championed the "modern girl," bringing its heroines out of the shadows of Victorian poverty and into the 20th century. With Love Story'ssuccess, Bacon became a national spokesperson, declaring that the modern woman could have it all-in love, in marriage and in the business world.

Yet Bacon herself struggled to achieve that ideal, especially in her own romantic life, built around a long-term affair with a married man. Drawing on exclusive access to her personal papers, this first-ever biography tells story behind the woman who influenced millions of others to pursue independence in their careers and in their relationships.

Softcover: $39.95

Radio Archives
The Phantom Detective #4 Audiobook
The Island of Death
by G. Wayman Jones

Read by Milton Bagby
  Now available!

Forged in war, The Phantom Detective wages a one-man battle on crime! Solving impossible mysteries and delivering his own justice, he is the underworld’s masked nightmare!
The Phantom Detective launches a thrill-packed attack against the lawless perpetrators of a gigantic, sinister plot for the criminal domination and control of the Pacific, a tyrannical evil that The Phantom Detective will not allow!

The release of Street and Smith’s The Shadow magazine paved the way for what fans and collectors today refer to as the Hero Pulps, those magazines featuring heroic leads who were extraordinary in some form or fashion. Not one to let the opportunity to make a dime go by, Ned Pines, the man behind Thrilling Publications, sent his own crimefighting character into the mix in February 1933, capturing the second slot of such a magazine debuting just a month prior to Street and Smith’s other juggernaut, Doc Savage. Pines’ The Phantom Detective would take on the underworld and solve the unsolvable for 170 issues, ranking third in the hero pulps for most issues published, falling right behind Pulp’s two leading men, The Shadow and Doc Savage. Due to inconsistencies in its publishing schedule, however, The Phantom Detective does hold the title for longest running Pulp magazine, its last issue published in 1953.
Even though the magazine was entitled The Phantom Detective, Van Loan was never referred to as such in the stories inside, but simply as The Phantom. Some have theorized that the magazine title was meant to indicate the entire magazine was in fact a Detective pulp. Some have also said that it was an attempt to differentiate this character from another similarly named one, Lee Falk’s The Phantom. This theory is incorrect, however, as The Phantom did not debut until 1936.
The Island of Death was originally published in the June 1933 issue of The Phantom Detective Magazine and is read with pulse pounding intensity by award winning voice actor Milton Bagby.

Discounted 50% the first week.
MP3 digital download - $4.99
Audio CDs - $9.99

Regular price:
5 hours - $9.99 Download / $19.98 Audio CDs

 When night falls you’ll think of Zara. You’ll see those eyes of his glowing with the very fires of hell — and you’ll be glad that the Spider prowls the night to help mankind. For Zara rose from underworld filth . . . to enslave all peoples. He forced strong men to commit suicide in remorse for murders they had never committed. He forced Nita to betray the Spider, the man she loved above all others. He made Commissioner Kirkpatrick a traitor to his oath of office, which he held higher than life itself. And his crowning glory was saved for the Spider — Master of Men — whom he swore to make an idiot, the clowning jester of Zara’s court!

Author Norvell W. Page, described the Spider this way:
“For Richard Wentworth was a nemesis of the night, a swift and secret avenger who meted out lethal justice to those of the Underworld who dared to raise their hand against humanity; he was the man known throughout half the civilized world as the Spider, and tonight he wore the disguise that would instantly identify him as that dread killer. A long, black cape covered twisted shoulders. A broad-brimmed hat tightly pulled down over a lank wig shadowed a beak-nosed face. The eyes that glittered there were steely with bitter hatred.”
Wentworth “…told himself, no longer a human being, but a cause. He was the Spider! He must live to defend humanity....”
Nick Santa Maria reads Zara-Master of Murder with indescribable emotion. Originally published in The Spider magazine, November, 1942.

Discounted 50% the first week.
MP3 digital download - $7.99
Audio CDs - $15.99

Regular price:
8 hours - $15.99 Download / $31.98 Audio CDs

Radio Archives Pulp Classics
The Phantom Detective #4 eBook
The Island of Death - June 1933

Now available!

Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine.

The Phantom Detective! The name alone conjures up action and adventure. From the same publisher that brought you The Black Bat, Captain Danger, The Crimson Mask and The Green Ghost came one of pulpdom's best-known detectives. Scourge of the underworld, The Phantom, as he was called, aided the Law with his sweetheart Muriel Havens. His first adventure was published in February 1933 and they continued for 170 thrilling exploits until the Summer 1953 issue. The Phantom Detective returns in these vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.

Table of Contents:
Featuring the World’s Greatest Sleuth in A Full Book-Length Novel
The Island Of Death
by D.L. Champion writing as G. Wayman Jones
The Phantom Detective’s thrill-packed campaign against the lawless perpetrators of a gigantic, sinister plot for the criminal domination and control of the Pacific which threatens to rock the very foundations of civilization.
Doubling For Death — Gripping Short Story
by Anatole Feldman
Murder Contracted and Paid for!
Arrows Of Death — Gripping Short Story
by Robert Wallace
Baffling Murders with the Weapons of the Past
Hard To Break — Gripping Short Story
by Kenneth Kerriton
Shot in the Back — and No Witnesses
The Phantom Speaks — A Department

Radio Archives Pulp Classics line of eBooks are of the highest quality and feature the great Pulp Fiction stories of the 1930s-1950s. All eBooks produced by Radio Archives are available in ePub and Mobi formats for the ultimate in compatibility. If you have a Kindle, the Mobi version is what you want. If you have an iPad/iPhone, Android, or Nook, then the ePub version is what you want.

Regular price:  $3.99
Discounted 50% the first week: $1.99

Radio Archives Pulp Classics
Thrilling Mystery Novel eBook
Spring 1945

Now available!

Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine.

Thrilling Mystery magazine came from Thrilling Publications, who also produced titles such as Thrilling Wonder Stories, Thrilling Adventures, Thrilling Western, Thrilling Sports, Thrilling Love, Thrilling Baseball, Thrilling Detective, Thrilling Ranch, Thrilling Sports. They also published a number of pulp magazines without "Thrilling" in the title, such as Captain Future, The Black Bat, The Green Ghost and the Phantom Detective.
Thrilling Mystery made its debut in October 1935 as a weird menace publication, following the success of other magazines like Dime Mystery and Terror Tales. As public tastes changed, so did the magazine, gradually phasing out the weird menace angle, and becoming a conventional mystery magazine. With the winter 1945 issue, the title changed to Thrilling Mystery Novel Magazine. In the summer of 1947 it became Detective Mystery Novel Magazine, and finally in the winter of 1949 issue, the title became 2 Detective Mystery Novels Magazine. It was a long-lived pulp magazine that published its last issue in the winter of 1951. Thrilling Mystery returns in these vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.

Table of Contents:
Featured Book-Length Mystery Novel Selection
The Evil Star
by John Spain
Mysterious doom stalks as a deadly wave of crime sweeps the Pacific Coast — and Detective Steve McCord is plunged into a welter of intrigue when three beautiful triplets, like avenging furies, bring murder to town!...
Cold Weather For Killing — Thrilling Short Story
by Donald Bayne Hobart
Mugs Kelly goes to Lake Placid — but not for sports!
Stingray — Thrilling Short Story
by Barry Perowne
Inspector Mifsud stubbornly claims Mr. Porfirio isn’t dead...
Here Comes The Corpse! — Thrilling Short Story
by Sam Merwin, Jr.
Parke Gardner faces knockout drops, bullets and booby traps.
The Line-Up — A Department
Where readers and the editor meet

Radio Archives Pulp Classics line of eBooks are of the highest quality and feature the great Pulp Fiction stories of the 1930s-1950s. All eBooks produced by Radio Archives are available in ePub and Mobi formats for the ultimate in compatibility. If you have a Kindle, the Mobi version is what you want. If you have an iPad/iPhone, Android, or Nook, then the ePub version is what you want.

Regular price:  $3.99
Discounted 50% the first week: $1.99

The Only Dust-jackets Officially Authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

A special Alternate Timeline Dust-jacket for THE WAR CHIEF

Now available!

The first three jackets are all reconstructed using scans of the original paintings for those covers.
THE WAR CHIEF alternate is based on art by noted western artist Maynard Dixon and you can read more about it here.

Please take a moment to read the four-page article  about the publishing of THE WAR CHIEF and why it meant so much to Ed Burroughs. I think you’ll be interested to find out that the book was one of the most well-researched novels he ever wrote (besides I AM A BARBARIAN), and, considering its point of view and many of the statements about white settlers, the US Army and the reasons for the Apache’s explicit savagery, certainly his most controversial.

The Serial Squadron
Now available for pre-order!

Blu-Ray/DL-DVD Upgrade

A remastering of the original Squadron-produced transfer with complete, correct chapter openings, stabilized, and offered in HD with improved sharpness and motion.
Also includes new and upgraded extras.

Watch for information on how to preorder and when the title will ship.

The Serial Squadron
Coming in October!


The history of Rocketman/Commando Cody in the serials and related characters including Bulletman in the comics. Includes a brand NEW Rocketman story.


New upgraded transfer of the amazing, massively influential Pearl White mystery serial, with solid leading man Antonio Moreno,
and, introducing The Hooded Terror, most fearsome and deadly of the early serial villains.

The Shadowcast #1 - THE LIVING SHADOW - Now online!

Season 1, Episode 2 - 'THE SHADOW/GREEN HORNET: Dark Nights' - New!
Season 1, Episode 1 - The Living Shadow
In this first episode, we explore the origins of the Dark Avenger with the very first pulp story: THE LIVING SHADOW, and review The Knight of Darkness's first film appearance in the rare 1931

Shadowridge Press
LONELY VIGILS by Manly Wade Wellman
Illustrated by George Evans
Coming later this month!

The long-awaited reissue of Manly Wade Wellman's LONELY VIGILS, a collection of his supernatural sleuths including all of the original John Thunstone pulp stories.

This is a companion volume to WORSE THINGS WAITING and will also be a large 7 x 10 trade paperback format and running 500 pages, including all of the original art by George Evans.
It will be available for Halloween from Amazon for a mere $19.99.

The title page is shown at the right.

Also in the works
CREEP, SHADOW by A. Merritt
BURN, WITCH, BURN! by A. Merritt
FROM THE TIDELESS SEA by William Hope Hodgson
DEMONS OF THE SEA by William Hope Hodgson
THE GHOSTS OF GLEN DOON by William Hope Hodgson
DEEP WATERS by William Hope Hodgson
THE HAUNTED JARVEE by William Hope Hodgson
UNCLE SILAS  by Sheridan Le Fanu
IN A GLASS DARKLY by Sheridan Le Fanu


Love Traffic by Gaston Lamond
“Murder Mayhem” by Ray Stahl (aka: Bart Carson)
Murder Gets Around by Robert Sidney Bowen
Spider Pete by Claude Stewart
The Finger of Death by Henry Keyworth

Tellers of Weird Tales - Now online!
Terence Hanley has created a blog in which he researches and writes about the contributors to Weird Tales magazine and its companion titles, Oriental Stories and The Magic Carpet Magazine.

July: The Moon, We, and Things to Come-Part One - New!
July: Geismar and Fiedler-The Science Fiction Connection
July: Hemingway and Lovecraft-Part Two
July: Hemingway and Lovecraft-Part One
C.L. Moore in Traces Magazine  
July: Weird Tales #363
July: Ernest Hemingway, Star Wars, and the Adolescentization of America
July: Edith and Ernest
July: Losses and Gains
Upcoming Modern Hero - Pulp Novels
by Christopher R. Yates
(New publications to the list are in bold)

Now available!
Harley Quinn: Mad Love, Paul Dini, Titan Books, $12.95, September 10, 2019
Psi Judge Anderson: Year Two, Danie Ware, Laurel Sills & Zina Hutton, Abaddon Books, $11.99, September 17, 2019
Venom: Lethal Protector, James R. Tuck, Titan Books, $8.99, September 24, 2019

Coming soon!

Captain America: Dark Designs, Stefan Petrucha, Titan Books, $9.99, October 15, 2019

Captain Marvel: Liberation Run, Tess Sharpe, Titan Books, $8.99, October 29, 2019
Batman: The Court of Owls, Greg Cox, Titan Books,$12.95, November 5, 2019

X-Men: The Mutant Empire Omnibus, Christopher Golden, Titan Books, $10.99, November 12, 2019
Avengers: Infinity, James A. Moore, Titan Books, $8.99, November 26, 2019
Wild Cards X: Double Solitaire, Melinda Snodgrass, Tor, $19.99, December 3, 2019
Wild Cards XXVIII: Joker Moon, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $29.99, December 12, 2019
Null Set [Cas Russell #2], S.L. Huang, Tor, $18.99, January 14, 2020]
X-Men and the Avengers: The Gamma Quest Omnibus, Greg Cox, Titan Books, $10.99, January 21, 2020

Bloodshot – The Official Movie Novelization, Gavin Smith, Titan Books, $8.99, February 4, 2020
The Reign of the Kingfisher: A Novel, T.J. Martinson, Flatiron Books, $16.99, March 3, 2020
Wild Cards XXVI: Texas Hold’em, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $18.99, April 14, 2020

Critical Point [Cas Russell #3], S.L. Huang, Tor, $27.99, April 28, 2020
Empire City: A Novel, Matt Gallagher, Atria Books, $27.00, April 28, 2020
X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, Stuart Moore, Titan Books, $9.99, May 12, 2020
Wild Cards XXVII: Knaves over Queens, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $19.99, July 14, 2020
The Godhead [The God Wave Trilogy #3], Patrick Hemstreet, HarperCollins, $26.99, September 15, 2020

Softcover edition now available at Amazon!

Tonight I Wear My Crimson Face, by Adrian Cole
The House of the Witches, by Darrell Schweitzer
The Bones, by Erica Ruppert
-The Idols of Xan, by Steve Dilks
 Conjurings, by Marlane Quade Cook
Matriarch Unbound, by Glynn Owen Barrass
The Mouth at the Edge of the World, by Luke Walker
"An Autumn Settling", by Alistair Rey
I Know How You'll Die, by K.G. Anderson
Fair Shopping, by Jack Lee Taylor
Black Aggie, by Marina Favila
The Chroma of Home, by Arasibo Campeche
The Last Resort, by Dean MacAllister
The Crypt Beneath the Manse, by S. Subramanian
 A Winter Reunion, by C.M. Muller
 The Stravinsky Code, by Leonard Carpenter
 She Talks to Me, by Matthew Masucci
 Wings of Twilight, by L.F. Falconer
 A Pantheon of Trash, by Thomas C. Mavroudis
 Juliet's Moon, by D.C. Lozar
The Gargoyle's Wife, by Jean Graham
The Melting Man, by Justin Boote
Dead Waves, by Sean McCoy
The Proposal, by J.D. Brink
Dark Energy, by Kevin Hayman
Christmas at Castle Dracula, by S. L. Edwards
There Was Fire, by M. Ravenberg
Them, by Sharon Cullars
For Love of Lythea, by C. I. Kemp

Beltane, by K.A. Opperman
Twin Hungers, by Scott J. Couturier
The Jackal, by Ashley Dioses
Our Family Ghost, by Joshua Gage
Le Gargoyle, by Russ Parkhurst"

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